Helping Forensic Investigators to

Solve More Cases in Less Time

Forenza extracts real-time forensic evidence from open source content across the web
enabling you to connect the dots with just a few clicks, instead of weeks

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Crawled Images
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Crawled Videos
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Crawled Articles

Forensic Evidence Gathering at Scale

Continuously crawl and analyze millions of open source videos, images and articles online
extracting and filtering forensic evidence on auto-pilot 

Data Collection at Scale

Continuously monitor and crawl millions of open source videos from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other channels

Forensic Evidence Extraction

Automatically recognize and filter items of forensic interest, such as fingertips, tattoos, documents, face analytics, car plates and more...

Evidence Auto-Segmentation

Segment and store digital forensic evidence on auto-pilot. Allowing investigators to access evidences, with just a few clicks

Enrich Your Forensics Databases to

Connect the dots in a few clicks instead of weeks

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Faster Evidence Gathering
Decrease in Dead-End Cases​
Increase in Crimes Solved

Built for Forensic Investigators

Automatically extract items of forensic interest segmenting
the gathered evidence into easy to search categories

Operational Security

Top-notch OpSec infrastructure that keeps you anonymous at all times

Intuitive Interface

Forensic investigators can access the specific evidence they need-at a click

Robust Documentation

Forenza automatically records your evidence gathering trail

User Management

Easily manage investigator and analysts user access permissions

System Integrations

Integration with existing platforms such as Cellebrite and Tableau

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